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9 June

Webinar #3 | Low-code applications for smarter manufacturing

In 2018, Siemens acquired Mendix. But why? And what are the use-cases for using Mendix in a Siemens context? During this webinar we'll give more information about the vision of Siemens with respect to low-code, where Siemens is working on and what the possibilities are for customers.


The manufacturing industry is facing challenges around agility, flexibility and shorter time to market. Digitalization is no longer a … but a strategic necessity. Since the acquisition of Mendix by Siemens, the number of industrial low-code use cases has increased significantly to accelerate their digital innovation.

How do you use low-code combined with your existing manufacturing systems like Teamcenter? And is this technology already being adapted in the Belgian industry? The use cases range from improved asset management to new customer portals.


  • Tuesday 09/06 from 10h00 until 10h40 (incl. 10 min Q&A)

  • Webinars will be hosted on the Zoom platform