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26 May

Webinar #1 | Setting the scene: the why and what about low-code and Mendix

Our first online session is an introduction into low-code, setting the scene for the upcoming webinars. Low-code is a branch or offshoot of rapid application development (RAD). The term takes us back to the early 90s, but today's platforms can no longer be compared to the solutions and possibilities of those days. So, what's the fuzz all about?


It’s a fact that organizations struggle to meet that increasing demand for software applications and digital products. It’s no longer sufficient to increase the number of developers or ask for more IT budget. According to Gartner, the Mendix low-code platform offer solutions for both IT and business users to respond faster to the ever-changing world with digital and innovative use-cases.

After this webinar you’ll understand what low-code is and where to position it within the IT landscape. Furthermore, we’ll share with you the pains and challenges low-code solves and some typical use-cases.


  • Tuesday 26/5 from 10h00 until 10h40 (incl. 10 min Q&A)

  • Webinars will be hosted on the Zoom platform