Bridging the gap between IT and business

At Apyx we help organizations deal with their fast-changing business needs.

By introducing low-code development, with its visual way of building applications, we increase the efficiency of IT, enable business users in their quest for innovation and enhance the collaboration between IT and the business.

We are proud to use the Mendix platform as the ignition for your digital growth.

What’s your role?

I'm into IT

I'm into IT

I’m into business

I’m into business

Challenges for IT

  • We are always in a hurry building applications to get them live on time
  • Long development cycles and struggles to align teams are wrecking us
  • We deal with high development costs and a slow time to market
  • It’s hard to find the right (wo)men for the job and have them settled in
  • With an ever-growing backlog it’s impossible to keep up with business demand
  • As business more often takes matters into its own hands, shadow-IT arises

Our solutions

  • Low-code development platforms make it possible to create web and mobile applications without having to code. Mendix is one of the fastest and easiest low-code platforms to build apps that work on all devices. It is also the only platform that offers integrated tools for the entire application.

As a result, you build applications at an enormous speed so that you’re always one step ahead … instead of behind. There’s room for innovation and time to expand your expertise.

Our answer

  • Mendix turns business managers and domain experts like you into great app builders. All without writing a single line of code! Build innovative and business critical apps in a visual language. Easy to use, but powerful to be extremely profitable. Pick up the autonomy to automate and push the limits of your business dreams.

Conclusion! Together with IT, you build that exact application you had in mind. In no-time, your organization moves on to the next level, and so does your IT department.

Business challenges

  • I want to respond quickly and smartly to my customers’ needs
  • Directly converting innovative ideas into prototypes and minimum viable products would be great
  • Our IT department has a hard time following our business pace
  • There is little time for innovation and that’s exactly where we want to excel
  • I often look for IT solutions myself
  • IT freaks out when something goes wrong with software that we bought ourselves
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Founded in 2005, Mendix transforms the way business collaborate with IT in order to deliver applications. With its low-code platform, they made it much easier and faster for developers to create applications.

The Mendix vision is to enable a whole range of people with different backgrounds to be successful in creating software that delivers actual business value in a sustainable way.

Our expertise

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Low-code offers opportunities for many organizations, regardless of sector and size. We help you discover the power of low-code and guide you from concept to realization, including setting up a low-code center of excellence.

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When it comes to building digital solutions, we are your sparring partner. From analysis over design (thinking) & development until go-live. With a foothold in both IT and business, our masters in low-code understand the challenges of both worlds.

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Each story is unique and needs specific care and support. We assist, train, coach and support your business and IT staff in building Mendix applications the right way. No matter where you are in your low-code journey, we got your back!

Our ecosystem

By making everyone within the team excel in their strength and complement each other, we create a strong relationship with our clients and partners. All together, we go for the best digital solution for your business.